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(651) 291-5411
29 5th St West [lawson]
St Paul, MN 55102
-93.10 44.95


(651) 602-0560
867 Grand Avenue [grand Avenue]
St Paul, MN 55105
-93.14 44.94


(651) 699-1000
2082 Ford Pkwy [highland Crossing]
St Paul, MN 55116
-93.19 44.92


(651) 552-2110
1857 Robert Street [robert Street]
West St Paul, MN 55118
-93.08 44.89

Chipotle Locations in St Paul West St Paul MN has never been easier to find.

Chipotle Locations in St Paul MN is a restaurant located throughout the U.S., U.K., Canada and France and offers tacos, burritos and numerous Mexican food which also include organic and natural ingredients. Chipotle is also known as a "Fast Casual" organization and was considered one of the firsts to incorporate the name. In 1993 Steve Ells established the company with over 16 locations in Colorado and currently have over 1400 locations throughout the world with over 37 thousand employees.

Rather than being a Franchise like most companies, Chipotle prides itself on being a company-owned business. They also have created a Asian division based on the fast and casual methodology which they named ShopHouse which is located in Washington. They pride themselves on high quality food and don't use any freezers, microwave ovens or can openers. They also sell beer, margaritas, soft drinks and fruit drinks and also offer a children's menu.

When it comes to ordering they really make it easy...they accept fax orders, they accept orders placed through their website and also offer a iPhone application which allows a guest to view a menu, order their meal, and prepay for their order. They put great effort into selecting their meat by using facilities which offer naturally raised meat without added hormones or antibiotics and standardize animal welfare.

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